Do You Believe In Facebook?
Facebook social media leads

How to use social media to drive leads…5 recommendations.


The most successful businesses and individuals in sales are not just successful because of their abilities to sell and close deals, but because they are able to get in front of customers.

Prospecting and follow up are common factors among the very best sales people, however with the advent of the internet and social media, individuals are also looking to find the best innovative ways to drive customers to their business.

So, one more time this week I was asked the most popular lead driving question on the internet, “Do you believe in Facebook?”

My response was “I do believe in God,” however there is statistical evidence and real results that prove that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other modes of social media can drive real business.

5 Factors in Driving Social Media Leads

1.  Just having a page isn’t enough.  It requires work – you must be willing to help and inform.

Most business owners tell me that they already have a Facebook page and figure that is enough.

What has to be understood is, this is called social media for a reason. You cannot just post a page and expect people to find it. You must promote your social media page as a place to find more information that will be valuable to your consumers.

This is done not just to add to all of your other forms of advertising, but to give consumers a reason to want to follow your social media page.

When building the page, you cannot just constantly advertise what you have to sell.  

You must also post content that provides the customer with valuable information about what you do or the product you offer, including educating them on how to shop for your product or even do what you do themselves.  (For example, a successful high-end residential painter who posts small video segments that show you how to do the work yourself.)

2.  Likes vs. engagement

Many digital ad agencies will base your success on their ability to get you more likes or followers.

Although this is part of the solution, the question is, “are you getting the likes or followers from the consumers who would actually buy what you have to sell?”  Companies will frequently offer you an increase in likes or followers for what seems to be a reasonable rate, however do they commit to finding you the customers you need in the process?

Are they the followers that meet the right segment of consumers you need?

In 2013, when Instagram was still relatively new, their consumer was primarily 12-22 year olds and because it was something new, business owners believed they needed to build a presence on Instagram even when their product or service did not fit into the segment.

You must have a social media presence that speaks to your customer base and engages them to comment, share, and add to what it is you have to say. When they do, their own friends and followers will also be participating in your own page.

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