Data Analytics Driven Marketing for Small Business

The world of business has long sought a comprehensive, practical guide to managing and executing business marketing plans and strategies.


Theresa Kushner has written extensively on B2B marketing and data analytics. She has a new book available called B2B Data Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results. Theresa has written exstensive on the topic.

Here are six of her articles on the topic to help drive small business:

B2B Data-driven Marketing: What Is It and Why Is It a Challenge?

Data – whether big or small – is the hottest topic in business today

Marketing database, the recorded memory of your relationship with your customers. It tells you not only what they bought, but when and how.

B2B Data-driven Marketing: 7 Strategies to Gain Small Business Leverage

Seven marketing database strategies which can help your business 

Evaluation and communication is the key

6 Keys to Managing Data in a Global World

Cross border business has it’s benefits and challenges- six questions to help prioritize

Here are a few questions you should answer when trying to manage this important resource across country borders and different languages even within countries.

Finding the Right Data Resource: Asking the Important Questions

A quick guide to securing the right data resource

No matter what resource you choose to help with the various data challenges you face, remember that the No. 1 quality you are looking for in a resource is integrity.  Choose wisely.

5 Top Trends in Data Management – For the Next Decade

A successful small business data management plan requires a sensible balance between data, insight and energy

Take a few words of advice from these experts and remember that technology is designed to help us do our jobs – not be our jobs.

The Need for New Customers. Where do you find them?

The key is to enrich your data sources for increased Insight

Enriching your current data sources is a great way to better understand exactly who your best customer really is.

A new data analytics book to help drive business:

B2B Data-Driven Marketing B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results, by Ruth Stevens and Theresa Kushner, meets that need. In 220 pages the book lays out basic definitions and applications by identifying data sources, setting up an organization s data architecture to best advantage, and managing that data and keeping it clean. The book then shows how busi-ness marketers use their information, how to manage that data on a global scale, and how all companies, from mom-and-pops to multinationals, can manage their data within reasonable cost parameters. The last chapters discuss trouble-shooting problems (with solutions), case studies showing all of the book s principles in ac-tion, and speculation on the future of B2B database marketing. It is the one book that B2B marketing managers and owners will keep close at hand.

Available on Amazon…more information on B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Souces, Uses Results 



B2B Driven Data Resources video featuring Ruth Stevens 


Theresa Kushner
Theresa Kushner
Theresa Kushner is a self-styled data-vangelist who brings her passion for all things data into her consultancy. Having held positions in F100 companies for most of her career, she now dedicates her time to helping start-ups and small/medium businesses scale using their customer information. She applies the skills she acquired as an executive at Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco Systems and IBM to help leaders apply data governance and 21st century data management techniques to their business intelligence and advanced analytics programs. She helps companies determine whether they are ready to take advantage of advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process engineering. She also helps guide companies in using more effectively for customer experience the data they collect on a daily basis. Ms. Kushner co-authored “Managing Your Business Data from Chaos to Confidence” with Maria Villar in 2009 and 2015 collaborated with Ruth P Stevens on “B2B Data-Driven Marketing: Sources, Uses, Results.” Ms. Kushner is a graduate of the University of North Texas where she received a Master of Arts in Journalism. She serves on the Advisory Boards of UNT Mayborn School of Journalism as well as

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