Customer Service Still Matters

Make sure service is good because good means more people will buy your products or come to your establishment.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a local restaurant in our area because we not only had liked the food the few times we went in the past,  but it was a Latino-owned establishment and we like to walk our talk…support our own in action not words so we can keep them going strong and growing in our community.

The mofongo was a good as we remembered but the waitress was horrible. She seemed bothered that we asked for red sauce not clear sauce for our dish, she didn’t even ask if she could bring us water, we didn’t remember we needed to have it until we were almost chocking on our food.

When we realized, we asked, and again she seemed bothered to have to appease our request. When she came with the sauce it was the wrong one and wanted to fight with us that “they don’t do red sauce” although we have ordered it before and when she brought us water, it was only one bottle as if my husband and I asked to share. It was truly sad.

That one waitress was giving the restaurant brand a bad name.

So therein lies the lesson, customer service still matters. Even if you are a Latino-owned establishment and Latino anything is obviously popular right now, it doesn’t mean you should forgo customer service training for your team and it does mean, hire the right people for the team the first time!

As Latino-owned businesses regardless of your product, you need to show that customers matter and nothing shows that best than stellar customer service. In addition, Latino-owned businesses should not prove Latino stereotypes true.

They should be working to prove that excellence is excellence no matter who is providing what!

Customer service still matters because:

    A.  People Remember Bad Service.

When people experience bad service, they usually will remember it enough not to give the company a second shot! Do you really have the luxury to lose customers in this competitive marketplace.

     B.  It Makes Your Business Look Bad.

Even if the owner is not the one that provided the bad service, every person on your team represents the company to the customer. Someone hired the individual (s) and thought they were a good match for the company. So the message a customer gets is either “this company cares about its customers” or they don’t.

     C.  It Brings the “You Care” Message to Life.

When customers have a first rate experience they can’t help to receive the subliminal message that you have taken the time to train your team in what is important to you.

      D.  It Gives People A Good Reason to Talk About You.

People will talk about you anyway. Make sure it’s good because good means more people will buy your products or come to your establishment. Bad means they will cross you off the “must check out” list or never put you on that list to begin with.

I tell my students in business entrepreneurship courses that book knowledge is nothing if it never leaves the classroom and becomes lived knowledge.

Perhaps you are a Latino business owner and have already received notice from customers or employees that something is amiss in your establishment; or maybe you’ve never made it a point to evaluate.

Next-  Here are three things you can do to turn the tide around.

Elizabeth Rios
Elizabeth Rios
Dr. Elizabeth Rios is a strategic visionary and has served her community in NY and FL in various capacities for over 25 years. She has served in high level executive positions in higher education management, nonprofit organizations and small business. She operates a number of online business incentives and founded Passion for Purpose International to help small businesses, nonprofits and schools get started, get funded and get teams going and growing in a healthy organizational culture.  Dr. Rios received her MA in Business Management from Regent University and her Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Rios is the author of Don’t Buy the Lie: Eradicating False Belief Systems that Keep You From Your Destiny.  In addition, to her community work with South Florida women's empowerment organizations and charities including her own faith-based nonprofit, the Passion Center, Dr. Rios sits on many national boards and serves as Contributing Editor or writer for a few national magazines. She is a Boxer lover,mom of two boys, one with special needs and sees her life mission as one to unleash potential, ignite passion and connect people to purpose. Website