Cuban-American Latina Proudly Serves As Miami-Dade’s State Attorney

Meet Katherine Fernández Rundle a 2016 Hispanic Woman of Distinction, State Attorney, Miami-Dade County


“Hispanic women are a very integral part of today’s society. They no longer lag behind men in any occupation. She juggles motherhood, family, work and her social life with ease and enjoyment.” – Katherine Fernández Rundle, State Attorney, Miami-Dade County

 Katherine Fernández RundleSince 1993, Katherine Fernández Rundle has had the often difficult role of serving as Miami-Dade’s State Attorney. Coming up through the ranks of the State Attorney’s Office following President Clinton’s appointment of Janet Reno as U.S. Attorney General, Katherine has established a reputation for prosecutorial innovation for herself in what is often seen as a male-dominated position of power.

While the sheer volume of cases prosecuted by her office might seem overwhelming, Katherine’s sense of fairness led her to develop and partner with law enforcement agencies, human resource agencies, and civil rights organizations to help eligible offenders seal or expunge their criminal record, thus assisting them in finding future gainful employment.

Katherine is also a leading advocate for empowering children by educating them on learning alternatives to violence and crime. She also helped find a mentoring program that pairs at-risk teenage girls with successful women.

She strongly campaigns against human trafficking, landlord abuse of tenants and their rights, insurance fraud and the increasing problem of “revenge porn.”

The numerous awards Katherine has justly received are too many to list but here are a few. Katherine was twice named to the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis with their Women of Substance & Style awards; the Cuban American Bar Association’s “Amigo Award” and their “President’s Award;” the “Adam Goldstein Lifetime Hero Award;” the “Child Advocate of the Year Award” by Florida’s Children First; the “2016 Women Making History Award” by the Florida Association of Women Lawyers and many more.

This Cuban-American, Cambridge-educated scholar is the daughter of Dr. Carlos Benito Fernández who served as Miami-Dade’s first Hispanic judge. She has two adult children and lives in Miami.

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2016 Hispanic Women of Distinction Honorees

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Phyllis Cambria
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