Covid Impact & Insights As Related to Industries- Session 6 [Video]

Popular Bank Chief Operating Officer Manuel Chinea and Latin Biz Today advisory board member Elias Mendoza are continuing tackle important topics  in Driving Business Success Through the Pandemic, a nine-part virtual discussion series that aims to empower small business owners to successfully navigate immediate and ongoing challenges and opportunities.

In this episode of Driving Success Through the Pandemic, Chinea and Mendoza share their insights around small business growth amid the COVID-19 health crisis. While industries including tourism and hospitality have experienced notable and ongoing challenges, other enterprises including grocery stores, warehouses and essential retailers are navigating greater demand due to changing consumer behaviors and needs.

“Certainly, there are businesses that are benefiting significantly from the lockdown and the environment it has caused,” said Mendoza. “One thing we think is very important is to understand whether an opportunity is a short-term opportunity that addresses the current environment versus something that will be sustainable and long-term through the pandemic and beyond.”Sharing their unique industry insights and expertise Chinea and Mendoza discuss how small businesses  can scale success, understand the benefits of long-term operational investments and take advantage of short-term upticks in consumer demand.

Watch the full discussion for more information.

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