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What is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is making sure you deliver the right message at the right time to the right consumer. And in order to do this effectively, your content strategy must align with your organization’s goals and cross silos in your organization. That means embracing cross-functional teams and the work that they do:
• marketing
• IT
• PR
• innovation
• R&D
• customer service
• HR

If you don’t have a content strategy with buy-in and agreement across your whole organization, you won’t have a clear plan. That’s a recipe for disaster, and you won’t be able to effectively measure ROI. Of course, one of the biggest challenges to any organization is ownership and governance of content: Does it belong to IT, marketing, customer service or PR? Or is it shared? In the best-case scenario, a new entity or a content team would exist to take ownership, but these roles are relatively new, and organizations are just starting to allocate appropriate budgets toward these kinds of departments.




Reaching Your Customers

Ideally, your content would be consistently distributed across all of your owned media channels:
• YouTube channel
• Facebook page
• Twitter account
• other social media accounts
• blog
• Website

Beyond that, you must consider what content makes sense across digital and mobile platforms.
There is a great deal of buzz about how to optimize content across different platforms, and for good reason. As devices and consumption habits vary across the digital landscape, so does the way you need to address an individual consumer. A consumer who is passively surfing online will be engaged in much different activity and have a different mindset than a consumer who is in the store and ready to make a purchasing decision. Devices are getting “smarter,” and hyperlocal is getting more sophisticated. You may be able to sway that in-store consumer with a coupon that is redeemable immediately at the point of sale and is delivered via their smartphone. But reaching that consumer who’s just surfing online will take a different approach to first get his or her attention to turn to your company’s content.

Companies can and should optimize their content to take advantage of the devices consumers are using and the activities they’re taking part in, so the right content can get to the right person at the right time. That’s all part of a successful content strategy, rather than just content creation.

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Maria Botta
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