Congratulations You Landed the New Client! Now What?
Congratulations You Landed the New Client!

Next steps to ensure new clients receive quality service.

Securing a new client is more than a welcome.

Core to the sale close of every sale is a vital next step which to begin start a transition for your new client into your company or organization. The first order of business is to execute a New Client Setup to capture vital information.

Streamline your processes for client reporting and relationship management

    • New clients must be set up in your system in order to equip the various departments of your company with the information needed to best serve the client.
    • Start with a New Client Form that includes the ID number, contact information, and any other pertinent notes.
    • With this process in place, business management will have easy access to reporting and better oversight of client relationship management.

It’’s natural to want to celebrate after winning a new client, but it’s important to keep in mind that the initial acquisition is only the beginning of the battle.

After all, it’’s keeping a good client which is going to benefit your company in the long run.  And the first step to retaining clients is to properly set them up in your business systems.

The new client and the new client form

To start, each client should be associated with a New Client Form, which includes all the pertinent information for setting up and servicing that client.

Fields should include everything from a new internal client identification number to key contact information to any other notes that can help manage the relationship (for example, “Client does not wish to be contacted on his cell phone.”).

Capture all pertinent data

All of this data should be entered into a central information system that allows different departments within your company (Sales and Marketing, Operations,

Accounting, etc.) to access the relevant data to enable them to best serve the client.  Depending on the nature of your business, there may be several forms that need to be filled out (either by the Account Manager or by the client) to ensure that the relationship starts out on the right foot.

Make it part of the ongoing sales cycle

Once the client is present in the system, the sales cycle and daily operations can greatly benefit from the easy reporting that this process enables.

Business owners can quickly check the status of an important client account, and managers can ensure that consistent protocols are followed to guarantee the client’s satisfaction.

But none of this would be possible without the New Client Form – get that right, and win a customer for life.

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