Congratulations to “The Ohio State Buckeyes” – What Was All This Being the Underdog Debate Even About?

Hello Fashionistas and hopefully some Buckeye Nation Fans!


Well, I managed to get this blog done late last night. I was extremely tired from staying up late to watch the game, being just a tad bit over served at the sports bar because I had a dual celebration–a big birthday and a big OSU win!!! But what an evening!! It was worth the painful morning just to bask in the Scarlet glow!!!! I also heard that some Ohio based companies were allowing their employees to shift their work hours Tuesday morning to punch in late but stay a little later so that they could stay up late to watch the game–Go OHIO!!


What an incredible NCAA football championship game! Can you believe the dramatic backstory of this team from star QB, Braxton Miller out at the beginning of the season due to a shoulder injury,  to 2nd string QB, J.T. Barrett, a red-shirt freshman taking the reins. It was quite a rocky start for the Buckeyes with a humiliating loss to one of the worst teams this season, Virginia Tech. Then just when everyone thought there was no hope for them and they were dead in the water, they pulled through. Barrett came back big, bad and strong enough to get them almost all the way through the University of Michigan game with a win of 42-28 but the win coming with an incredible loss of J.T. towards the end with a broken ankle–a most bittersweet win. Now what do they do? How many great quarterbacks can a team have?? Apparently as one of my favorite quotes from a reporter stated–“Urban Meyer is the Quarterback Whispererer”. He grows them there.  He calls on 3rd string QB, Cardale Jones to step into some big shoes and push the rest of the team to rally up and balance the incredible load now on Cardale’s back….and they do it! They pass, they run, and they hold opponent’s offenses back!

They solidly clinched their win against Wisconsin with a resounding 59-0 Badger beat down to claim the BIG10 title and land The 4th (and last entry spot) into the championship playoff!

They then spilled crimson blood down at the Sugar Bowl on January 1st to beat Nick Saban’s highly touted Alabama 42-35 to get them to yesterday’s championship playoff where they seemed to both surprisingly but also predictably take down #1 ranked Oregon State with a 42-20 win. They are talented, resilient, and deserving of this first ever National Championship title…..How ’bout them Buckeyes!

I read somewhere after the championship game that the Vegas bookies after having them pegged as underdogs throughout the play-offs now have them marked as early 9-2 favorites to win the National Championship next year. They are SO smart after its all said and done!

Enjoy some great shots of Buckeye mania!!

Born Champions–Newborns at Wexner Medical Center get their first blankets!


Tuesday’s S.I. cover
EZ-E catapulting over some Ducks!


The headlines are ready to go Monday night!!


End Game! 
Buckeyes making some confetti snow angels on the field!


Urban Meyer enjoying the moment….I heard that he promised his boys a tattoo if they took the Championship win?? What will it be–maybe a Block “O”, maybe a butterfly or a rose???


NYC celebrating the win!


Taking it all in as “Undisputed Champs”


What a game!!



Tina Trevino
Tina Trevino
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