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Computer maintenance
Up and running for small businesses is everything, computers, like cars, need constant maintenance


Too many computer users aren’t proactive when it comes to system maintenance. This oversight can lead to a lot of costly headaches. Similarly, bad practices like not backing up on a rigorous basis can be disastrous should a system fail. And don’t even mention getting free licensing fees for software: In most cases, it’s illegal. For these and other reasons, computer owners should contract a certified computer professional to maintain their systems—and provide sound advice.

Part of what I do is maintain Windows computers and servers for my clients. I use Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) software and centrally managed antivirus software. The RMM software lets me create automated tasks for applying patches to Windows and other popular applications after hours. I simply review the reports to make sure everything is working while the software does the hard work.

I call the service Remote Care. Clients rest easy knowing their PCs are maintained. They rely on their computers, and just as with their car, they have their “mechanic” (me) keep their valued equipment operating smoothly.

Of course, you can do it yourself. You can work on your car. You can patch your own computer and install free antivirus software.

But does that really make sense?

Long-Term Care

I suppose it does if you don’t have the money to pay for someone else to maintain your equipment.

But what surprises me are people who do nothing. They buy a computer and use it day after day and don’t do a thing to take care of it. I have some clients who won’t pay me to maintain their computers. They prefer to pay me to fix it when something breaks or their machine gets infected with malware.

That’s like driving your car without ever changing the oil or washing it. It doesn’t take long before the engine seizes or the finish degrades.

Yet these are the same people who will get upset and angry that their computer failed. They expect it to continue to work smoothly over the long term without any care.



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