Collaboration, Trust and Accountability- part 2



What does this all mean?

There is no doubt that the present and the future of business is moving towards systems and organizations that evenly empower everyone within and allow for the free flow of information and thinking.

As a leader here are a few thing sto keep in mind:

  1. Consider the big picture and where and how a collaborative culture can help deliver on your goals as an organization.
  2. Count on your internal teams to help you design the processes and systems to encourage collaboration. Trust your employees, your internal teams are the experts in what works and doesn’t work.
  3. The organization benefits from collaboration as do the Individuals.
  4. Lead the organization with collaborative behavior at the core.
  5. Be persistent – collaboration will challenge the people and culture of your organization.
  6. Measure and track how collaboration impacts the bottom line and employee satisfaction.

Every organization can benefit by creating a collaborative environment. It is increasingly clear that collaboration has entered a new era and that this era is engendering new modes of working and producing new rules for organizing business. With no one size fits all model, one must carefully consider how collaboration works best for your business and industry and create a plan that suits your company goals, strategy and above all – your biggest assets, your employees.

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Maria Botta
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