Chef Gabriela Machado Creator, Owner of Copperbox Culinary Atelier

per person. Name checked, bell rung, door closed and Copperbox is transformed yet again with specially selected linens, glassware and music chosen specifically for Contrabando.  No photos, no social media posts…your friends will have to rely on your impeccable storytelling abilities to envision the night.

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Far from the ordinary, Copperbox introduces a new, sophisticated hidden enclave and warm communal dining experience to Miami, where as owner and “tribal chief” Chef Gabriela muses, “you might make a new friend, or do some business… or even meet the love of your life.”

It’s already happened.

Copperbox Culinary Atelier is located at 3328 North Miami Avenue in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.  Telephone 305-392-0983 or for information and reservations.



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A modern bohemian Artrepreneur, Venezuelan born Chef Gabriela Machado, began cooking with passion, emotion and integrity at her grandmothers’ feet, infusing a labor of love into each meal so that the sentiment resonated with each bite. While studying graphic design in the Northeast, she gathered cookbooks and recipes to hone her skills, then studied Asian, Indian and French techniques under private chefs.  She and husband, businessman Rafael Alcantara, became known in Caracas for their gastronomic feasts. It was there in their modest apartment that Gabriela kept a copper box, a diminutive treasure chest, within which she place clippings of her dreams. Little by little, the copper box began to fill. Word of the dinner parties spread and before long, Venezuela’s most influential business leaders hired Chef Gabriela to travel the world as a private chef.  Global journeys led to gathering exotic spices and ingredients at the world’s most colorful markets and before long, she opened a gourmet store in her native Caracas in the famed Quadra Gastronomica.  A culinarian in the true sense, Chef Gabriela began to curate her dream of opening a private chef’s table venue, reprising her dinner parties and sharing her global cuisine.  In 2013, after two years of research, design, building, painting, testing and cooking, Gabriela’s ethereal dream became reality in a former tumbledown woodworker’s shop in Miami’s Wynwood arts district. Behind the copper-colored façade, Copperbox Culinary Atelier was born and the tiny copper treasure chest with Gabriela’s dreams became a reality – welcome to all, home to a few.

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