Chef Gabriela Machado Creator, Owner of Copperbox Culinary Atelier

selected as much for their sharp palates as for being creative, like-minded individuals who live with passion and integrity. They convene, taste, test and tweak Atelier Night menus. The result is Thursday and Saturday evenings of good food, good wine and good company where patrons sit communally as strangers, and often emerge as something more.



So what happens inside Atelier Nights?

A Nights

After an initial reception of artisan sparkling wines and passed hors d’oeuvres at which patrons are introduced to each other, everyone sits at one, two or three communal tables, bathed in candles and flowers. Each course is accompanied by boutique wines that are so carefully chosen to be in concord with Chef Gabriela’s dishes and the Copperbox commitment to quality, passion and integrity that wines are re-paired as ingredients change and dishes evolve, sometimes weekly.


Subtle but impressive artwork and photographs of the world’s greatest cities, all taken from unexpected perspectives, capture the spirit of Copperbox and rest sublimely against copper colored walls.


To say Atelier Night is special would be an understatement.  Clocks are nonexistent, cell phones are put away and time stands still as patrons are immersed in their discreet surroundings. Chef Gabriela and her carefully selected Copperbox Tribe cook, set and serve a seasonal seven-course Chef’s Table menu that transcends ethnicity and nationality, bringing harmony, elegance and balance back to the table while awakening the senses and submersing guests into the present moment. Chef Gabriela joins them after dinner, winding down with a glass of bubbles, discussing the dinner, common interests, art, travel… the conversations take them everywhere and often last until midnight or longer as a dinner is transformed into something more – a place where souls are nourished as much as bodies, and laughter flows freely.

G in K

“What moves me is experiencing the joy and satisfaction of a guest, listening to the flow of conversation as it softens and becomes more lively, seeing the moment of satisfaction after a truly satisfying bit of something I created… something that makes people stop, live in the moment and appreciate it,” muses Chef Gabriela.


Concurrently, the rebel chef hosts Contrabando nights – the hottest ticket in town and more of a rogue, small-plates gathering than a dinner party. Admission can’t be purchased, bartered or begged for; invited guests receive a letter 72 hours in advance with a personalized password linked to their name (don’t even think of transferring it) with a maximum of two invited guests


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