Cesar Chavez Plants the Seeds of Comedic Success







After selling out two more shows with Rodriguez over the next year, the comedian asked Scott to move to L.A. to work for his production company. “I remember him saying to me, ‘what are you doing wasting your time here in San Jose? Do you want to be a real producer? If you want to make cars, you have to move to Detroit,’ ” Scott remembers. “ ‘If you want to direct and produce, well you have to move to L.A.’ ”

In 1994, less than six months after getting married, Scott and his new bride moved. In his first three months living in L.A, Scott returned to the Bay Area as co-producer of Rodriguez’s live show in San Quentin for HBO. This was Scott’s first television experience. “I could not believe my life was changing so quickly, but like everything it’s all about timing and having that one person who really believes in what you can do,” he says.





Scott and Alex after just receiving the Alma Award for Best Comedy special for Hispanics

He went on to produce ABC’s Latin Nights, which became the Bravo Awards, which eventually became the ALMA Awards. In 2002 he secured the financing and produced Paramount pictures hit “The Original Latin Kings of Comedy,” starring Cheech Marin, George Lopez, Rodriguez, Alex Reymundo and Joey Medina.

Through all of this, he also managed and co-managed the careers of more than 25 comedians. When his joint venture with the Collective/Payaso Productions ended in 2008, he stopped managing talent and returned to producing only. At that point, he also fulfilled a lifelong dream to direct. Scott now owns one of the most influential comedy production companies in Hollywood—LOL Comedy Inc.

Growing up in the Chavez camp instilled a sense of diversity and Scott strives to create shows that give all ethnic groups a shot at TV stardom. “I learned hard work and dedication growing up in a world of selfless people, in today’s world it seems we are more interested in making a difference for ourselves, not as they did in those days,” he says.

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