Cesar Chavez Plants the Seeds of Comedic Success

Daneen was also an organizer for the union (see her essay). With two activists for parents, his childhood was marked by the excitement of having had the privilege to witness the grape strike, one of the most powerful protests executed by the UFW.





Scott (hands in Pocket) getting ready to load up on posters and buttons to sell in the Rally

“During rallies and gatherings, my brother and I were recruited at an early age by my father to go into the crowds and sell posters, buttons, bumper stickers, T-shirts and anything else we could carry that Taller Graphico produced. It was fun and invigorating, and we were helping with the cause in our own small way. We would compete to see who could sell the most. I believe this is where my entrepreneurial spirit was born. My father and mother really wanted us to learn and be proactive and we were,” Scott says.

He remembers and has pictures to prove the countless historical memories of this period of time. In addition to his own personal gallery of photos taken mostly by his father, another gallery of Ruben’s photos was posted on Leroy Chatfield’s UFW documentation website. Scott also has pictures of the endless line of Chavez supporters kneeling outside the courtroom praying in support of the activist when he was arrested and faced prison time in Salinas, Calif.





The Entrepreneur Gets The Producing Bug

After many years of service his mother wanted her life back and this brought an end to not only his camping days but also his parents’ marriage. She took Scott and his younger brother, Mark, back to San Jose.

In 1987, the brothers started Montoya & Associates, a graphics and marketing company in San Jose. The company, whose clients included HP, Westinghouse, Convergent and the city of San Jose, marketed itself to Silicon Valley high-tech companies as a bridge to the Latino market.

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