Celebrating 5 Latino Entrepreneurs
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Latino entrepreneurs  are reaching great heights of success in business.

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Latin Business Today is excited to highlight stories of exceptional Latino entrepreneurs who inspire us to think and dream big.

Let us introduce you to five entrepreneurs and invite you to learn about their business pursuits as part of our entrepreneurial Hispanic Heritage Month feature. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to embark on an entrepreneurial journey of your own.

Angela Romero – Founder & CEO at Wholesale Makeup Inc

Cosmetics mogul Angela Romero moved to the United States from Colombia where she found doors to her business success closed. So, she decided to knock down those doors.

Angela began her journey in the cosmetics distribution business in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since the early days of working out of her small apartment. Today, Angela owns two of the largest wholesale cosmetics distributors operating in several countries.

Angela’s entrepreneurial story is compelling, reminding us that passion and perseverance can produce powerful results.

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Melissa Melkonian – Founder & Head of American Dream School

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Melissa Melkonian is the founder of the American Dream School, a successful Charter School that develops academic excellence in both Spanish and English for grades 6-12. A dedicated educator, Melissa is the daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico and a mother of three.

Melissa believes in the power of quality education for English learners and pursuit of the American dream, and demonstrates it is not only possible, but doable, because she had lived the dream herself!

Melissa inspires people to consider that things are possible when you put your heart into your work, come from a place of possibility, and believe.

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Ivan Anz –  PhilanthroInvesting  

Ivan Anaz is serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist / investor. His philanthropy provides contributions to multiple industries that are focussed on making changes that will help humanity achieve significant accomplishments.

Through his organization PhilanthroInvesting, he is seeking improvements in the real-estate sector by attracting investors who wish to invest with a purpose. His plans include addressing issues such as the clean water scarcity crisis and building a unique gamification solution that will help encourage people to recycle the planet’s plastic waste.

Ivan Anz is doing his part to make the planet a better place and showing the business world that growth can be sustainable.

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Diego Belbussi – Co-Founder  Rejoy

Diego Belbussi spent years in the high-performance corporate world as a Marketing Vice President of Anheuser-Busch InBev for Europe, Middle East, and Latin America, achieving an unparalleled portfolio of accomplishments spanning twenty years. Then it was time for a change.

Today Diego is pursuing a new passion in Rejoy, plant-based CBD recovery drink made by athletes for athletes. As Co-Founder & CGO. Diego and the Rejoy team are doing big things in the sports fitness drink sector by creating all-natural beverages with simple ingredients that improve muscle and mental recovery.

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Jessica Soto & Tonatzin Mondragon – Founders of Mountain Beastman Tonic

Los Angeles residents Jessica Soto and Tonatzin Mondragon built their business, Mountain Beastman Tonics, a men’s skincare line, during the height of the pandemic.

These best friends decided to turn their “stay at home parenting” life and routine into a business venture that took on the men’s skincare industry with gusto, finding creative ways to get their organic products into consumers’ hands (and beards) at street fairs, farmer’s markets, and conventions.

Having the support of one another and the Latino community helped them grow their business in the online market, making their line of men’s skincare products one to watch.

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