When Managing Data Words Do Matter!

In the end, words matter. The sooner you and your organization can identify, collaborate to define, document, integrate into your IT applications and educate your BI teams, the more successful you will be at managing KPIs that make a difference for your company.

Getting to Small Business Digital Business Transformation

Success will require a continued collaborative approach between the lines of business and IT to the creation of the new business model, its deliverables and processes, and finally, the implementations.

What Are the Implications of the CLOUD Act for Small Businesses?

Data belonging to non-U.S. citizens, companies, nationals are not included in this Act and are protected. For companies outside of the U.S. that use U.S.-based CSPs and have their data stored in the U.S., the U.S. authorities can only try to get access to your U.S. users’ or clients’ data.

Facebook, General Data Protection Regulation, Privacy and You

Small business owners and IT executives must create and execute a plan that enables them to be competitive in the digital world while satisfying PII requirements – or alternatively, executives will have to gird themselves for potentially dealing with a materially significant risk exposure.  

Where in the World is Your Data?

Small business owners and IT executives should build a transition roadmap that addresses their business model, business partner, service provider and internal communications, as well as culture, governance, processes, and security both on-premise and across all of their business partner and cloud ecosystems.

Blockchain – A New Small Business Paradigm

There are multiple new risk exposures that organizations will need to address before committing to any blockchain implementation. Small business owners and IT executives must ferret these exposures out and determine how they can achieve an acceptable risk exposure level.