Restaurants, Part V: The Independent Contractor Trap

“Among the most significant traps for employers in every industry, including in the restaurant industry, is that of misclassifying “employees” as “independent contractor,” a practice that can expose companies and their principals to liability under the Labor, Tax, and Immigration law.”

Small Business Owner’s Quick Guide to Conducting a Trademark Search 

When a small business owner settles on a potential trademark to register, the next step is to conduct a trademark search to see if that mark is likely to be confused with an active registered mark.   

Restaurants, Part IV: The Undocumented Alien Trap

The employment of undocumented workers implicates a host of risks to employers separate and apart from the penalties imposed by U.S. Immigration Laws.

Restaurant Start-ups Part III- Hour and Wage Requirements

Among the issues with which restaurants must contend are hours and wages rules, which mandate the minimum wage to which an employee is entitled as well as regulate overtime pay.

Negotiating and Surviving the Business Deal of a Lifetime

“The deal of a lifetime needs to be scrutinized with care as many of its anticipated advantages may end up being illusory and even detrimental to the fortunes of the business. Small companies need to realistically appraise the benefits, costs, and opportunity costs of taking on a much larger customer.” Small companies need to realistically appraise the benefits, costs, and opportunity costs of taking on a much larger customer. 

Restaurant Start-Ups: The Lease Part 2

This is the second article in a series of articles about restaurant lease provisions.

Restaurant Start-Ups: The Lease Part 1

Persons starting a restaurant establishment face legal issues which can be daunting, starting with the negotiation of a lease. 

Me Too Movement- A Look at New York’s New Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws

The emergence of the “Me Too movement” and lurid examples of sexual abuse on a shocking scale have catalyzed law makers to consider ways of educating workforces about what sexual, gender-based harassment is and how to discourage it. At the forefront of this oncoming legislative tide is New York City and New York state, each of which recently enacted legislation designed to implement comprehensive antiharassment laws

Immigration and the Rule of Law

The article describes policies implemented by the U.S. Immigration that raise questions about its commitment to lawful rule making.

What is a Trademark Anyway?

A trademark is a word or design (what most people call a logo), or a combination of words and designs that communicate the identity of the distributor or manufacturer that is the source of the associated goods or services.