Latina Mosaic

Panamanian Latina Has Received Stellar Recognition From the Children Services Council

“We are the largest and growing minority group in the U.S. and, as such, have a responsibility to challenge the status quo. Education, parent engagement, economic parity and employment have to be highlighted as priorities for Hispanics in our community.”

Puerto Rican Latina Has Improved the Lives of Many Young People

“As I see others look up to me, I remain true to the qualities instilled in me by my Hispanic role models, hoping to be as inspiring and effective in developing tomorrow’s leaders as they have been.”

Latina at the Forefront of International Policy and Business

 “In Mexico I developed a 10-year educational development program where I learned first-hand about the many challenges in implementing a results oriented project. It allowed me to see how given the right tools, proper food and nutrition, warm clothes – and a little hope and encouragement – that even the poorest child facing the greatest odds can flourish, exceeding his or her own expectations and transforming a community's quality of life and more importantly, quality of spirit.” 

Cuban Latina Enables Affordable Housing and Education

“The core of who we are is our genetic mark, one that gives us not only the opportunity but the responsibility to be part of the transformation that our world needs today.”

Puerto Rican Latina Marketing and Media Exec Also Supports Healthcare Organizations

“In a society where there are so many conflicting messages to Hispanic women and the definition of success, we need to emphasize it starts from the heart and at home.”

Uruguayan Latina Business Development Leader Supports Education Initiatives

“I see every day the impact that women have in our society today and the consequences when we are not present.”

Cuban American Latina Is a Major Asset to Florida’s Law Enforcement

“I believe Hispanic women face a challenging responsibility in today’s society, not only as role models for our own children and families, but as conduit of values and traditions to be passed onto our younger generations at the same time that we change the perception of gender roles in the Latino family.”

Peruvian Latina, Noted CPA, Outdoorswoman and Charitable Fundraiser

“As a growing minority, Hispanic women have led the way in business and have proven to be strong role models for other women as well as the next generation.”

Ecuadorian Latina Has Made Great Strides As Director of Miami-Dade County’s Parks

“I believe the most important role of a Hispanic woman leader in today’s society is to serve as a role model, mentor and educator for the next generation of women leaders.”