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What I Learned From My Dad…My Cuban Story 1959

 I recall my dad always being very proud to call me his “American Child”

The Life and Times of Latina Cruise Line Exec Carmen Corvos-Roig

I have a life mantra of “Carpe Diem,” which translates to “Seize the Day” to ensure that I do not take this life for granted, and the many people along the way who helped pave the way for my success and happiness. 

A Mexican American With Dual Citizenship Is Leveraging Her Expertise to Coach Others

"The mentee will either listen to me or not and that’s ok. I no longer get disappointed when someone doesn’t listen, it’s their life to live. But I must say when I see someone that I mentor, make the changes they need to make and create a new future for themselves I’m just honored to have had the opportunity to have touched that life."