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How to Prioritize Trust and Relationship Over Price to Win Customers

Like the standard warm greeting Latinos deliver to maintain and build relationships we need to look at how we can improve the customer’s experience in all we do. I promise, if you add this thinking to approach and care for customers it will improve your overall results.

So You Want to Sell to the Latin American Market 

So, if you want to sell to more Latinos, use their language, take the time to get to know what is important to them, and earn their trust and business. For more help selling to Latinos,

What Do the Top 5% of Salespeople Do Best? How Do I Become One? How Do I Find One?

Great sales managers are also great coaches who are constantly making their team better by ensuring they cover all of the bases to make their entire sales team more successful. 

Convert a Customer to a Client Through 4 Delivery Steps [Video]

SELLING IS ABOUT 8 SIMPLE STEPS AND A LOT OF DISCIPLINE (Do it and business will grow a minimum of 15%...Guaranteed) This is the seventh article based on a four part selling cycle that is further broken down into eight major steps. The four areas focus on How to Find, Sell, Close and Keep More Customers.  We will continue the series discussing step 7 of 8: PART 4 – How to Keep More Customers STEP 7 – Delivery

Turn Your Latino Culture Into a Selling Advantage…Not Just Because You Speak Spanish

Spanish speakers could outnumber English speakers in the USA. If this is true, why not take advantage of our cultural advantages as Latinos and maximize our selling potential?