Data Analytics & Research

The Need for New Customers. Where do you find them?

Enriching your current data sources is a great way to better understand exactly who your best customer really is.

Aiming With Analytics

What are the four common components of an arrow and analytics?

Does your Data Asset have an Ownership Certificate?

Three things to check on within your organization to ensure that you have the right emphasis on ownership and accountability.

Competitive Advantage Through Analytics

Four tips help small and medium Hispanic business owners get started with a business analytics project. The best piece of advice: start small and build from there.

Is Your Information Supply Chain Working for You?

It’s not just the Ubers of the world that are built on data, every company today has an information supply chain.  Most are not recognizing its value to the business.  So let’s look at the elements that need to be managed in the delivery of good, quality information throughout your company.

Why It’s Important to Build Consumer Research Into Your Small Business Strategy

Eventually, you may be able to hire some professionals to help you with your marketing analytics.  And if you have older data to share with them, that will allow them to do an even better job for you.