Getting Overwhelmed? Catch Yourself Before You Fall

Most people would agree that this is not a place they would choose to go, yet they often do go there, because they do not take the time to learn how to recognize and, equally as importantly, respond to the early signs. Once we hit the wall of being overwhelmed, it can take a lot of work to get back on track. However, if you can become more aware of the early signs, you can improve your odds of navigating away from the edge.

Also, take the time to pay more attention to what those around you are saying about your performance. They may not tell you directly but subtly by asking if they can help you and by drawing attention to your mistakes. This feedback might not only come from well-wishers but also from those you might not consider a supporter or trusted ally. However, there are often grains of truth even in what those without the best of intentions are communicating.

Your signs will vary slightly, and what works for you might differ with what works for someone else. Take the time to learn your own signs in your quest to avoid being overwhelmed.

Pay Attention to the Signs

When evaluating whether you’re approaching being overwhelmed, ask yourself:

1. Are you having trouble focusing on small decisions or simple questions?
2. Have you found yourself almost making small mistakes on things you normally do with ease?
3. Do you notice yourself stuck in a place, forgetting what you were just about to say or do?
4. Are failing to notice or having less tolerance for others’ people’s mistakes or needs?
5. Have you noticed you feel less connected to the people and things around you and more frequently wish you could “get away from it all”?

It is normal to experience all of the above on occasion. The question to ask yourself is whether you’re experiencing these with more frequency or intensity.

It may take you a few days or occasions to begin to notice the signs. Start by becoming more aware of what is happening around you, how you are feeling and how you are performing. By looking for your personal signs of becoming overwhelmed, you can keep a step ahead of stress and get back on the path to success.

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