Carlos Santana Interviewed by Giselle Fernandez Part 4

Carlos Santana shares insights on his Pop music comeback and reflections.


Part 4 of 4: Ten time Grammy Award winning musician, Carlos Santana opens up to Giselle Fernandez about his beginnings, legendary career and finding faith.

At age 67, Carlos Santana is famous for pairing blues-style guitar riffs with Latin American beats and spouting a unique brand of spirituality. His path to stardom, which Santana details in his new memoir, The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light, wasn’t easy.

The guitarist was born in Mexico but moved to San Francisco, where he was exposed to artists like B.B. King and formed his first band, as a young adult.

After an explosive, drug-fueled performance at Woodstock, his career took off. Along the way, Santana developed political opinions and thoughts about religion (he believes it’s time to “upgrade” the Bible).

He has also become an inspiration to those looking to overcome hardships.

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Giselle Fernandez is a five-time Emmy award winning journalist, producer, film maker, Latin media marketing entrepreneur and Latin Business Today advisory board member. She is the creator and host of the award winning on line interview series, “Big Shots.” Her exclusive interviews with titans of industry, thought leaders and trend setters from around the globe, not only delve into the economic landscape of America but the impact diversity and multi cultural demographics have on our future. As President of her own production, management and messaging consulting company, Fernandez consults to corporate America on marketing strategies to multi cultural markets. 


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