Capturing Small Business Focus Though Completion

Completion in life and in business ensure energy is positively channeled to take on challenges


Editor’s note: This is the final installment in the “Self-Awareness for the Emerging Entrepreneur” series part 1 Refining the Art of Saying Yes or No, part 2: 4 Tips to Achieve Positive Habits, part 3: 4 Language Shifts for Success, part 4: Identifying Patterns in Self Talk- 3 Scenarios, part 5: Managing the Company You Keep, part 6: 3 Strategies to Cope with the Impostor Syndrome, part 7: 3 Enhanced Breathing Techniques for Business Success

Life happens

At times you good job of letting go of situations and perhaps sometimes you hold on unusually tight. We all remain “incomplete” when we leave situations, incidents left unresolved. When we are incomplete, it weighs on us, both emotionally and physically (and be clear, most people have some area of incompletion – it’s simply a matter of how much and being conscious of it).

Think about that person who deserved an apology but you never got around to it. Or, the one person whose had been a huge supporter in your time of need and you  never really thanked them. Or someone you still hold resentment toward.

All of these scenarios can sap the energy within you.

Think about it and then consider the daily challenges facing an entrepreneur – the unknowns of the future, the learning curves, the need to pivot and switch strategies when necessary- it may feel heavy.

Being an entrepreneur is really enough to carry. Consider that this may be the perfect time to make the decision to release some of your old “stuff” and lighten the load.

Re-Align With What is Best for You

When you do the work to be complete in any area of life you put You- and what is right for you- first. At a time of so many unknowns and taking never-ending risks and have to continually fight through fear and setbacks, creating and maintaining the habit of doing what is best for yourself is key. When you feel good you are that much more apt to produce great results for your clients.

You need to made the commitment to initiate that uncomfortable conversation, overcome whatever was intimidating you for so long and let go of what you’ve been holding onto. Aren’t these all perfect practices to begin to achieve success as a business owner?

Doing the work to get complete in your life will strengthen your skill set to maximize what you want out of life as an Entrepreneur.

Most importantly, you’ll build trust within yourself and increase your confidence level.


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Liz Garcia
Liz is a Speaker, Life Coach and Leadership Trainer with Stay Limitless, which she founded in 2011. Liz has been coaching and developing leaders for over 12 years, 10 of those working in the educational non-profit arena. She has guided and overseen the development of over 1,000 leaders. Liz recently served as a Group Facilitator for the Latina Global Executive Leadership Program founded by negotiation expert Dr. Yasmin Davidds and run in partnership with the USC Marshall School of Business. Liz is a former member of the Boards of Directors for the California Latino Caucus Institute’s Madrinas Padrinos Leadership Program and the National Latina Business Women Association – LA Chapter. Liz has a Bachelors in Sociology from San Jose State University and a Masters in Education from Harvard University. You can find more about Liz and sign up for her free newsletter.

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