Business Expansion to Fit the Evolving Masses

Immigration has been happening for hundreds of years in the United States. People came from different countries, cultures and creeds to form this United States of America that we love and hold dear to. We know it as “The land of the Free”, “The home of the Brave” and a place where freedom of religion is supposed to hold true. According the Wall Street Journal and a 2010 study, via the census, showed that the Hispanic Market has grown by 43% to about 50.5 million people compared to 35.3 million in 2000. Immigration is still alive, well and ever present in the United States of America.


300 million plus Hispanics now live in the US, as a part of the society. Many companies have understood the new movement of Hispanics into the culture of this country, so modifications have been made. Nation companies have taken into consideration their potential client and customer base and have added a bilingual aspect to their business models. Not all companies have done this change, but many have added Spanish as a secondary option for Americans to choose from- whether it is over the phone, or even on automated payment systems, to websites and advertisements. Capturing the need of communications with multiple demographic and nationality markets will better influence the buyers of your products and services, opening up an array of possible clients.


16% of the country is Hispanic and this number is looking to expand and grow in the future. Businesses need to play into the Hispanic’s expanding market to make sure their products are a necessity to all American consumers and users. Smart business understands the needs, wants and likes of the masses and if something changes, to change with it. The world as we know is expanding and evolving, business needs to follow suite.


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