Building the Case for Video Marketing

5 Reasons You Should Use Video in Your Content Marketing Plan


Marketing your business is not just about reaching your target audience and letting them know that you exist. It’s about turning their heads, building a relationship and, quite frankly, getting them to like you. A mix of well-established offline marketing tactics coupled with digital content marketing strategies give you a better chance of reaching more of your target market and establishing your business as an industry leader – with a dash of warm and fuzzy.

Here are some eye-popping stats on the growth of video consumption from the U.S. Digital Video Benchmark Study, Adobe Digital Index Q1 2014.

Access the full report here: U.S. Digital Video Benchmark 2012 Review.

New record for total online video consumption


  • Online video consumption across mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) is at an all time high of 25% with 57% year over year share of growth in the U.S. (Q1 2013 vs. Q1 2014)
  • Q1 2014 set a new record with 35.6 billion global online video starts and a 43% year over year increase (Sample size 1,300+ Adobe Marketing Cloud customers.


  • Gaming consoles and OTT devices continue to be the fastest growing devices for online video with a 123% year over year increase( (jan 2013 vs. Jan 2014)
  • Smartphone online video starts grew 48% year over year and 6% quarter over quarter
  • Tablet online video starts grew 16% year over year and 8% quarter over quarter

And that’s not all: According to Simply Measured , video is shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. Diode Digital  also discovered that 60% of viewers will watch video before reading any site text, and will share their experience when presented with a “share this video” button. Even more encouraging, Invodo reports that 92% of mobile video viewers share video1.

5 More Reasons to Add Video to Your Content Strategy

1.  Videos showcase your personality and the image of your company. Even a simple 90-second segment featuring a single spokesperson or employees talking about your organization, creates a connection.  Now a prospect is seeing and hearing a real person as opposed to a faceless company. Using this style of video has a warming effect on prospects — almost like having a personal conversation.

2.  Video production can fit into virtually any company’s budget. Obviously, you want to achieve the highest quality possible, but with today’s increasingly affordable digital video and hybrid DSLR cameras, good quality doesn’t necessarily mean extravagant budgets and Hollywood scale productions. Video accessories – such as lapel mics, green screens and lighting kits – can be found on Amazon for reasonable prices and you can use your office instead of a fancy studio for filming.



Lisa Kaslyn
Lisa Kaslyn has served as communications counselor to business leaders and executives at both small and large corporations, including Autism on the Seas, Barnes & Noble, Canon USA, ExpertFlyer,, Kraft, Kodak, and Nielsen, among others. A former PR & Executive Communications lead for IBM, Lisa Kaslyn has worked with high level executives to help them define their message, develop compelling presentations and ensure delivery is passionate, relevant and engaging. Lisa is also a business writer and frequent speaker on a broad range of trends related to public relations and marketing communications in a search and social world. Her company, Prosper Communications, specializes in integrated search optimized communications, including PR, Social Media, Blogging, Video and other SEO and traditional Content Development strategies. Website

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