Buenos Aires – Style Heritage, Style Destination

What you need to know about my heritage and upcoming trends for this season!

You may or may not have been to Buenos Aires, but you have likely heard that it is a major fashion destination. Wherever you go, you see people well put together in the most natural way.

Everyone … men and women, regardless of age. For everybody, there is joy in, and passion for, style. I have just come back from two weeks in Buenos Aires, where I had a “panzada” (belly full) of design and inspiration while shopping for clients.

Buenos Aires is where I was born and raised, and I was lucky to have that joyful and passionate sense of style and aesthetics nourish me daily (together with steak, dulce de leche and empanadas!). That feel for things that look good, that please the eye, that are creative and fun to wear, became part of who I am and inspire me as a stylist.

But what is it about Argentina that made that aesthetic experience and fashion boom possible?

I think that part of the answer lies in Argentina being a country of immigrants.

Like in the U.S., people came with different backgrounds and customs and incorporated and adapted local traditions, resulting in something unique, a richly textured tapestry.

Immigrants had to be creative to make the local work for them, and a distinctive style resulted from local traditions and materials such as leather and wool, and from European couture and design, especially Italian. And it continued to grow and evolve with fashion constituting an important part of “our way of being”.

Buenos Aires from Heritage to Destination 

And that brings me from my heritage to the upcoming trends!

Being fashionable and up-to-date is of utmost significance for Argentines, and especially “porteños” (people from Buenos Aires, the ‘port’), and trends are powerful.

Even though it was unseasonably cold in Buenos Aires when I was there earlier this month, Spring (Southern hemisphere!) was present in fashion trends that you could discern from looking at store windows – with no need to read fashion magazines or attend BA fashion week.

And as everyone (well, most people) wants to be fashionable (have I said this already?), you can also appreciate these trends on people in the streets … Yes, street style tells you what is in, especially in certain neighborhoods and shopping areas.

Buenos Aires Spring Trends for Women 

There are two hits for this season, and what I love about them is that they are very inclusive … anyone can easily incorporate them in a way that feels good and enhances one’s style!

Animal prints

The big trend is clothing with animal prints. Among the favorites are leopard, cheetah and snake. And they come not only on leather shoes, belts and bags (as you would expect) but also on vests, dresses, tops, pants…  you name it.

Animal print pieces have a double style value.

On the one hand, perhaps counter-intuitively, they function like neutrals… After all, they are made up of beige, brown, black, with hues of white or yellow, which make them suitable for all skin undertones. On the other hand, they add interest to your look, whatever your personal style is.

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Mara Kolesas
Mara Kolesas
Mara Kolesas, Ph.D., is a style with substance expert, based in Berkeley, CA, who provides intelligent styling for professionals. She grew up in Buenos Aires where she breathed style from an early age. She went on to a career in political science, studying for a doctorate in New York City, and later lived in Florence, Rome, Berlin and Beirut, where she pursued my two passions: she studied and promoted citizen empowerment, diversity and inclusion, and she explored small boutiques, helping friends find outfits that gave them joy and confidence. Along with her artistic eye and knowledge of fashion, she brings analytical and social expertise to a field with superficial associations. Twitter

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