Bronx Beer Hall Hispanic Entrepreneur Anthony Ramirez [Video]
Bronx beer Hall

Latín Biz Today chats with Latino entrepreneur Anthony Ramirez talks about his Bronx Beer Hall, business and support of Latino the business community.

Anthony was born and raised in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. He has designated it the Bronx the “mainland” borough (all the others are islands), hence the name of his company Mainland Media, LLC.

Anthony Ramirez Columbia University graduation

Anthony Ramirez graduates Columbia University with family circa 2000.

He graduated Columbia University with a degree in economics and founded the Bronx Beer Hall in the heart of Arthur Avenue a historic Italian neighborhood, now predominantly Latino.  Anthony dispels myths about the Bronx and shares his insights on business, hiring and his support the Latino business community.

Bronx Beer Hall customers

Bronx Beer Hall customers enjoying the local craft beer and food located in the Arthur Avenue neighborhood, Bronx, NY

Enjoy Anthony’s interview and learn of his success trajectory…he’s a Hispanic business owners making a difference!

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