Branding: If You Build It, Will They Come?


Branding Continuity, Messaging and Cultural Nuances

I’m not talking about something done to cattle on the ranch-I’m talking about the use of applied psychology to get consumers to instantly recognize, and to feel safe and confident with, a product or service. A company can have an overall “image,” but have lots of different brand-name products.

Each brand has its own unique “look and feel” and strives to convey a good experience.

Want to have a warm and fuzzy breakfast experience, just like Grandma used to provide on Sunday mornings? Get Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake syrup. Want something to eat that’s um um good?” Get a can or two of Campbell’s soup.

Branding is all about safety and comfort.

Customers feel safe shopping a brand with which they are familiar. If you’ve had great experiences at Macy’s in Washington, D.C., you’re likely to want to shop at Macy’s when you move down the road a bit to Baltimore, Franchises, in particular, build on this concept-if you like Burger King in New York City, you’re going to eat the same burger at a Los Angeles location-you can feel safe and comfortable knowing you’re going to get the same experience at any location around the country.

Branding also needs to communicate a message that reflects what the product represents. A company might have a sleeping aid product, sold under a brand represented by a logo of a sleeping baby. The same company wouldn’t want to release a new energy drink under that same brand and logo, however.

It’s important to consider the culture and language of your consumer, too,

Get it right. When GM introduced the Chevy Nova in South America, it should have changed the brand name first-“no va” means “it won’t go.” Ford’s Pinto flopped in Brazil-had they done some research first, they would have discovered that pinto is slang for tiny male genitals.” Know your market, and select your brand names and corporate image to appeal to your particular niche-and let a professional designer help you do the job.

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