Bill Curcio- Trainer Extraordinaire and Good Guy [Video]
Bill Curcio

After 6 Ironman races Bill has been through it all.

Latin Biz Today’s Dave Torromeo chats with Bill Curcio about what he’s learned as an Ironman Triathlon competitor and incorporated into his practice to train others.

It is something that every single person on the planet deals with and every single person is in a different place. For me, after years of athletic competition, the last thing I wanted to do was train. I mean I hate running, but long gone for me are the days of competing on the fields and unfortunately, that has brought on weight, yo-yo weight loss and much frustration.

Recently I started working out with a friend who is on the other end of the spectrum, Bill Curcio (pronounced KER- C-O).  I decided to sit down with Bill and provide the interview video here, as what he has done and is doing is very important, whether he is working with tremendous athletes in great shape whom are looking to peak for competitive reasons, or someone like me who is trying to finally drop some weight and feel better.

What I like most about Bill is he meets me where I am in this journey without judgement. Since we started the Covid-19 hit and we had a hiatus as the gym closed, but we have renewed out workouts outdoors.

I believe his philosophy is solid and believe he can help anyone no matter where you are in this area of your life.

Bill offers individualized training, no equipment necessary, all fitness levels welcome, from beginners to experienced athletes the ability to train at home, in gym, outdoors, or online and in person and online support.

Nutritional guidance and health coaching Bill Curcio has been in the fitness industry for over 40 years. He started at the Greenwich YMCA as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, eventually creating his own full-time training business with clientele ranging from ages 9 to 70.

A NASM certified personal trainer and a physical education specialist, Bill focuses on youth training, corrective exercise training, and endurance training.

Bill has competed in five Ironman triathlons, dozens of half ironman as well as Olympic distance triathlons.

Learn more about Bill at his website.

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