Backing Up Data – Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Backing Up Your Business Critical Data and Systems – Are you backing up all of your data?


Editor’s note: This is part one of a two part series. 

Let’s say it’s a Friday night, and you are on your way home from work. 

You are the owner of a successful business, and things are going well.  Your business is growing, and you feel like you have aligned with the right staff and outside vendors, and they are delivering the vision you have created. 

You have a great weekend planned, and you’re looking forward to some relaxation with your family and friends.

Then the phone rings…

Your phone rings on your way home, and it’s a call from your IT company.  They are calling to tell you that your server (you know, the one with all of your critical data and systems) has gone offline.  It’s not responding to the monitoring system that the IT company put in place, and they are dispatching someone to go take a look at it.

You have a sinking feeling, and you start to question your IT policies and procedures. 

“My IT guy has this covered, right?”  

“I mean, they seem to do a good job with managing my other stuff, so I think I’m safe.” 

You try to convince yourself that all is well, but you can’t help carry a daunting feeling with you as you continue your drive.  The truth is, you’re not really sure how your critical systems are backed up, and what the offline server can mean to your business.

The situation described above is common amongst business owners, and others tasked with the responsibility of managing the computer network at their businesses. 

Business owners, office managers, and operations managers are typically well informed and adept at delivering their core set of responsibilities.  However, they often “don’t know what they don’t know” when it comes to managing their IT systems, or finding a vendor who can fulfill the technology management role for their organization. 

They often select IT companies, or put their trust in individuals with good intentions, only find themselves in situations where they thought they were covered, and experience significant data loss, productivity, or embarrassing interruption of service to their clients.

Next- Does this apply to you? Are you backing up your data?

James Kudla
James Kudla
As the President of Tarrytech Computer Consultants, James Kudla specializes in management, new product development and business development. James earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University and holds many technical certifications including the MCSE, CCNA and CCNP. A former network systems engineer and network integrator, James brings our team 19 years of diverse IT industry experience. James and the talented team at Tarrytech are committed to Tarrytech’s mission, which is “To create and maintain harmony in your technical life through the design, installation, management, and support of smart technology solutions”.