Awakening Conscious Leadership
Awakening Conscious Leadership

Over the last 13 years of my life, International Women’s Day has grown into a very meaningful milestone for me, not only because of the activities I carry out as the Founder & Executive Director of a women’s empowerment organization (WE Evolution | Vital Voices Miami), but also because of the new perspective it gives me on topics many take for granted. Topics such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and conscious leadership are often overlooked, but I am convinced that these may be the key to solving many of today’s global problems.

This year I am reflecting even more on the meaning of conscious leadership, how total awareness of one’s leadership role can benefit everyone in our society.

The Definition of a Leader

A leader is a person who leads or commands a group or organization. This past year, with its complex challenges and crises, showed us that we need to rethink what kind of people we want making decisions for us and the requirements these people need to fulfill. Today, more than ever, we need more conscious and spiritual leaders in every echelon of our organizations. Every day I become more convinced that women are best prepared to catalyze these modern transformations.

Most importantly, female empowerment, which is becoming more common, must evolve to incorporate mindful leadership. Leadership not based on ego, but on soul-centered thinking. Leadership not based on ignorance and power struggles, but on knowledge, collaboration, and generosity. Leadership that is founded on love, compassion, growth, and freedom, instead of fear, arrogance, shortage, and control.

I am certain that we need to take a step forward to make this revolution happen because this metamorphosis cannot wait any longer. I like to reflect on the idea that after every Women’s Day celebration, more people are motivated to build the loving, fair, and equitable world we need; letting their light shine and inspiring others to do the same.

Revolution Starts from Within

Without a doubt, we women have played a fundamental role in every historical event that led to social, political, and economic change. I like to talk about three key women’s revolutions: The first one being the procurement of women’s suffrage.  The second one consists of the current wave of demand for gender equality. The third one, the revolution that allows us to choose love over fear, compassionate leadership, and peace, is waiting on us to start it up.

This revolution needs to start from within, from our homes. Ironically, we spent a whole year inside our homes and perhaps this was, and still is, an invitation for inhabiting and connecting with our souls: the most sacred thing we have. The same letters that form the word “scared” can form the word “sacred.” It is time to overcome fear and accept the sacredness of life.

The tools and principles which guide me on my daily journey begin with a personal commitment to look inside myself, pause, breathe and align my mind, my heart, and my body before making any decision.


  • Responsibility: Taking care of ourselves.
  • Mindfulness: Creating a safe space to be present, not in the future (can make me anxious), not in the past (can make me feel depressed), just here and now.
  • Gratitude: By being grateful I transform my perceptions, my experiences, and my state of mind.
  • Kindness: By changing the messages we give ourselves and others


  • Acceptance: Making friends with what is.
  • Courage: Ending the drama.
  • Humility: Transcending our ego.
  • Love: From emotional reactions to exceptional relationships.
  • Trust: Living without fear.
  • Joy: Living fully.
  • Peace: Ending the conflict within and without.

We deserve and owe it to ourselves to create a world in which authentic empowerment, consciousness, and well-being rule over and guide humanity. There is much truth in the phrase, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

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