Ivette Ruiz

Dr. Ivette Ruiz, President, Onward Horizons Leadership Development Associates is a cultural change catalyst, holistic coach, minister, author, backyard farmer, animal lover, mother of two and grandmother of three precious angels. She’s known for her bilingual motivational talks, her servant leadership style, humanitarian work and her ability to help people bridge differences and connect in more meaningful ways to minimize silos and create unity. She’s an accomplished diversity & inclusion (DI) and organization development professional with over 18 years of demonstrated experience and leadership capability in human resources, healthcare, academia, project management, start-ups and delivery of DI strategies with a proven track record of partnering with cross-functional leaders across matrix global organizations to increase awareness of enterprise level leadership development and DI initiatives. Strong and proven competencies in organizational development, team management, leadership development, training, performance review, business management and the creation of high-performing teams and individuals secured through strong interpersonal and collaborative skills that positively affect outcomes.

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