Harley Manning

Harley Manning, is Vice President & Research Director, Customer Experience Practice, Forrester Research. Harley is the co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. He founded Forrester's customer experience research practice when he joined the firm in 1998. Today he leads a team of analysts that cover enterprise-level customer experience topics ranging from strategy to metrics. At Forrester, Harley has authored many top-read reports. His first report, Why Most Websites Fail, launched the firm's Website Review methodology, which has now been used to evaluate more than 1,500 sites. In subsequent reports, he created Forrester's methodologies for evaluating website brand experience and for modeling the ROI from customer experience improvement projects.Harley is the founder of Forrester's annual Customer Experience Forum, which he hosts and moderates. In 2011 it became the firm's largest event. Website

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