Carlos Garcia

Carlos E. Garcia, was born to Mexican immigrant parents, grew up in East Los Angeles and attended Pomona College, UC Berkeley and National University (BA, MA and MBA respectively).  He has over thirty years of experience in the field of US Hispanic consumer research, twenty one years at the helm of his own company, Garcia Research.  Most recently  SVP at GfK: Knowledge Networks, where he headed up their Hispanic research efforts. He's gone full circle and now back at the helm of Garcia Research, a Hispanic market and Multicultural-focused research firm. Website

Dealing with Small Business Challenges and Setbacks

7 small business setbacks and how to deal with them.   If there is anything a small business owner knows, it is that not everything will go well. You will have setbacks,...

6 Lessons Learned From Managing Growth

Vacation tip: When you are an entrepreneur, you will never need a vacation more than you will as your company is growing, and it will never be harder to get away. Everyone looks to you. If you're doing this as a couple, it may be even harder. And finding a trusted lieutenant you can leave in charge is tough. So if you do get away you'll have to keep your trips short and check in frequently. Happily this is aided these days with smart phones and the internet, but that can mean you don't really get away at all. I would recommend physically active vacations because while you are skiing or snorkeling or hiking in the mountains it is hard to think about anything other than what you are doing at that moment, and when you stop, you are so tired from your physical activity, you just relax.

Need a Professional? Who You Gonna Call?

The art of selecting and working with professionals of diverse disciplines can be daunting. Carlos Garcia shares key insights and lessons learned.   Building a Hispanic business, The Accidental Entrepreneur You never...

Colombian Latino Immigrates at Fifteen Becomes US Citizen, Accountant and Small Business Owner

Fabio Vasco is the poster child for resilience, determination and honesty.  We are lucky to count him as a fellow American.

The Power of Randomness from a Research Professional

Even if not everyone will do it (they won’t), by applying a random selector you build in randomness into the design that would make the data more reliable than a cherry-picked sample. This could save you a lot of time and help you maximize your profit potential by using objective input you can trust.

An Interview with Multi-Talented Entertainer David Gonzalez [Podcast]

David Gonzalez goes way beyond simply “giving back” as he actively “gives forward” to help bring music, poetry, pride, self-esteem and the wonders of Latin culture to young people across the US.