Alicia G. Quiroz

As a food and nutrition educator and advocate I work with two of my favorite things – people and food. Born and raised on the Texas-Mexican border, I am bicultural, bilingual, and biliterate, all of which comes in handy when experimenting with adding flavor to healthy recipes. Building recipes that incorporate health research and delicious taste is a creative process and leading others to discover their most nutritious path has been my passion for over 15 years. As a Food Scholar I spend countless hours at the grocery store thinking, creating and strategizing how to eat healthier. A huge part of my life involves promoting health through diet and exercise. This hasn’t always been easy, changing food habits is difficult within my very Mexican-Spanish family and community. Most days, I am an active mother of two and wife to a sports-obsessed husband, a sister and a friend, all while completing my second PhD and constantly striving to balance a busy life with putting healthy food on the dinner table.