The Art of Marketing: The Client is King 





With its global connectivity and immediate accessibility, rife with press and reviews, the internet provides an ongoing and public record of the successes and/or failures of your business.

Beware—it is a powerful and precarious place. Forget the days when word of mouth was limited to people sharing poor experiences with their contacts and friends. That’s no longer the world we live in. Today, the reality is that a negative post about your business could ruin your hard-earned reputation in a matter of seconds and potentially go viral.

The internet and social media outlets can highlight poor attention and subpar service to masses of people, both prior and potential customers.

Remember the Golden Rule? Do not tempt fate and gamble with service!


Clients can be internal clients, those working with you and for your mutual business, or you can have external clients, more traditional types of customers who are individual consumers purchasing goods and services from you.

Regardless of how you classify them, all clients are important—period. The success of your business depends on them! Focus on your clients.

Put your energy into understanding and fulfilling their needs.

Make it the goal of your business to deliver them the best results possible. Stay attuned with the client.

Get away from the Me Syndrome and your business will come into focus quickly. Don’t lose sight of who rules and who serves.

The client is king, and the king rules the kingdom. Without a king there’s no kingdom, and without clients there’s no business.

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Michelle Martinez Reyes
Michelle Martinez Reyes
Michelle Martinez Reyes has over 20 years of experience as a trusted business advisor in the field of marketing and public relations. She has earned a proven national reputation as a key brand builder, network bridge and catalyst to growth. Ms. Martinez Reyes previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Greenspoon Marder, leading the firm’s marketing strategy and brand development and growth focusing on the firm’s business development, client relations, media and public relations, philanthropic efforts and community service throughout the U.S. She also worked as part of the marketing and business development teams for Hunton and Williams, Akerman Senterfitt, Holland & Knight, Greenberg Traurig, and Esslinger Wooten Maxwell. Fluent in English and Spanish, she holds an MBA from Nova Southeastern University with a specialty in global management and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida International University.

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