Are You Causing Second Hand Stress Among Your Employees?





According to Jonathan D. Quick

According to Jonathan D. Quick, a co-author of the book “Preventive Stress Management in Organizations” and an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School “The evidence is clear that the leadership qualities of ‘bad’ bosses over time exert a heavy toll on employees’ health”.

A stressful workplace with a bad boss is also often cited as a reason many employees ‘steal’ from the organization, not only stealing money and property but also time in that employees are more likely to call in sick when they work in a stressful workplace.

For all of these reasons and more it is very important that as the boss you regularly consider how your stress is playing out in your organization.


What does being under stress look like?

We understand that stress looks different on different people and different at different times.

Some people manifest stress by withdrawing, demonstrating lower energy, becoming quiet and even depressed. Others under stress can move fast, talk fast, and become loud and even aggressive.

A person under stress may become more demanding or struggle to make decisions or both.

When the person under stress in the workplace is the boss that result in putting everyone in the workplace under stress.

Because stress can be contagious it is important that you manage your stress well in front of your employees.

In part II we’ll cover the following topics; 

What kind of under stress Boss are you?

How can you identify if you are causing second hand stress in your employees?

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Tara Orchard
Tara Orchard
Tara Orchard is a coach, trainer, consultant and writer who applies her insights into people and Masters training in psychology to facilitate performance improvements, relationships and communication for people and businesses. She has worked with organizations to deliver clarity on culture and brand, develop their people and manage relationships with social network communities. Over the past 18 years she has consulted with 1000's of people who want to make effective transitions in their lives. Tara has a knack for hearing what people are thinking and helping them see what they need to see. She is the founder of her own career and social network coaching business, works with several other organizations as a coach and consultant and is about to complete her first book on the "psychology of effective social networking".

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