Are You a Bully of a Boss?





 Here are 5 signs that you are in all probability, a bully of a boss and what to do to prevent yourself from exhibiting unacceptable behavior:

1.   Your overall attitude about your employees is that they are generally incompetent and will never quite get their job done to your satisfaction.

2.   You find it challenging to control your emotions.

Even in the most minor situations you are easily triggered and react in unpleasant ways.

3.   When it comes to appropriate and acceptable behavior, you have a hard time distinguishing between the work environment and a more casual personal environment.

4.   You often think that your employees are to blame for most of your problems.

You wish you could just do everything yourself.

5.   You notice that your employees avoid your company, interacting with you only as absolutely necessary.

What can you do if you recognize any of these signs in yourself? For starters, seek the help of a therapist or counselor and be specific with them about your concerns as it relates to your relationship with your employees.

Practice mindfulness meditation, yoga, or conscious breathing, to help you get centered before you arrive at work. Make a list of all the qualities each of your employees possesses, reminding yourself why you hired them in the first place.

And most of all, GET OVER YOURSELF!!

You are not perfect and you are not the best thing since sliced bread. Powerful and fulfilling relationships are always EARNED, never assumed.

If you want your business to thrive, you need to be a powerful leader. Powerful leaders are inspirational. A work place that inspires its employees is a work place where people produce. Bullies have no place in that picture.

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Lily Winsaft
Lily Winsaft
As CEO and Founder of Aldebaran Associates, Ms. Winsaft focused her 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to create a company dedicated to addressing the hiring and training challenges facing corporations and professionals in the 21st Century. The firm provides highly selective recruiting services for fortune 500 companies in the consumer goods, advertising, marketing, legal, accounting, information technology and non-profit sectors. Given her notoriety in the Hispanic community and among international organizations, her firm plays a major role in boosting organizational diversity and in the placement of candidates at companies transacting business in Latin America or selling products and services to the U.S. Hispanic consumer segment.

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