Are Relationships Vital To Business Growth?


These seven principles are applicable to all professionals who serve clients in all fields and industries. To be trusted, effective leaders must have:

  1. Empathy – specifically, ask great questions and listen
  2. Selfless independence – balance dedication with detachment and objectivity
  3. Depth as well as breadth of knowledge
  4. Synthesis – combining ideas as well as analyzing them
  5. Judgment that incorporates their own and their clients’ values and beliefs with their clients’ organizational capabilities
  6. Conviction to communicate recommendations with belief and energy
  7. Integrity and competence built through mutual familiarity with the client

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Luis Gallardo
Luis Gallardo is a global brand and marketing leader and expert in the areas of strategic brand management, brand engagement, brand expression, marketing, communications, business development, and reputation management. Former managing director of global brand & marketing at Deloitte, Luis provided leadership to Deloitte's member firm network of more than three thousand marketing and communications professionals. Author of the book: Brands & Rousers, The Holistic System to Foster High-Performing Businesses, Brands and Careers. Luis is the founder of Thap Group, a multinational consultancy focused on brand, marketing and communications strategy, and he sits on the advisory board of several high-growth organizations.