Adapting to a More Mindful State of Life

Mindfulness gives us the ability to live our life in a moment-to-moment basis.

Mindfulness is a practice in which become aware of our thoughts and gain the ability to become nonjudgmental as emotions or experiences arise.


Mindfulness is a mental state which can be achieved as you focus your awareness on the present moment. As your awareness increases you begin to gain tools that may allow you the ability to start recognizing and accepting your current state of being. As you recognize what is, you may begin to make any changes you see fit. The moment you begin to acknowledge your feelings, your thoughts, and your bodies sensations, you may learn to accept the state you are in and become empowered to gain control of your life.

Mindfulness: The state of being consciously aware.

The ability you possess to make your mind work for you starts with awareness. As you learn to notice your emotional responses to the situations that you are faced with in your life, you can learn to question your emotional responses before reacting to what comes up.

Gaining Awareness of Your Thought Patterns

The first step to gaining awareness is to question why an emotional response has come up to begin with. As you ponder that, you can reflect on whether it serves you to have those emotions involved in the situation; the answer is usually no. For example, if someone cuts you off and that instigates a state of anger as a response…

  • Does it serve you to get angry?
  • Will getting angry change, improve or fix the situation?

When you can notice your responses to situations and the patterns they create, you can begin to improve the way we relate and associate with yourself and your responses to the world around you. Improving your mental awareness also will assist you in discovering ways to manage and/or decrease your stress, as you gain control of your responses and the situations you allow to affect you.

Become aware of patterns and emotions that create stress and affect your life.

Creating Harmony Within Yourself

Growth comes into your life when you embark on a journey towards removing, adapting, or changing the conditions that you notice that are no longer serving you.

Creating Harmony Within Yourself

Stepping out of the responses you have created as habits takes you wanting to restructure your train of thoughts. As you become aware of the repetitive patterns of responses and mental scenarios that do not serve you, you can begin to purposefully refocus them into productive and positive thoughts.

Take notes of the times when you find yourself going down and unwanted mental path and take charge of whether it remains there or not. For example, I know that my mind tends to wander into unwanted places when I have long drives in my car (which happens every day). I prepare for that by having an audiobook ready to play the second I sit down. This now makes my driving time a purposeful time in which I am expanding my mind, instead of wasted time replaying the past or predicting the future.

It is important to be clear on what it is that you want and are working for in your life, so that you have a main anchor for your thoughts to come back to when you find yourself going down an unwanted mental path.

Using the Philosophy of Yoga to Incorporate Mindfulness

As you begin to learn to focus your thoughts you can begin to create a state of harmony within your mind. When your mind is in a state of harmony, your thoughts begin to help you and serve your purpose, instead of holding you down and lowering your vibration.

Using the Philosophy of Yoga to Incorporate Mindfulness

There are practices available that can provide tools to assist us in becoming more mindful individuals. As we adapt tools such as yoga, which give us tools to focus our mind on, we transform our personal life and exponentially progress our spiritual development. Yoga, by definition, is a practice that helps you cease the fluctuations of the mind through either meditation, breath work, and/or physical postures. By practicing these techniques on the mat you can learn to adapt and use its benefits off the mat.

Mindfulness may sound simple to adapt, however it can be complex to retrain yourself from focusing on your thoughts to focusing on what is happening in the present moment. Once we can be aware of our thoughts we can begin to intentionally direct them and start to purposefully manifest the conditions of our life.

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