About Latin Biz Today

Our Mission

Latin Business Today’s core objective is to drive success of Hispanic business owners by addressing challenges with real solutions. This is accomplished with a “best and brightest” team of executives, 200+ exemplary mentors and a nationally accomplished advisory board who Coach solutions for today’s rapidly changing market all with a Latino nuance.

Our Coaches

Latin Business Today publishes content on law, business, marketing, innovation, as well as content on Latino culture covering food, fashion, music and sports from the perspective of what business lessons we can  learn from entrepreneurs  operating in these fields.

Latin Business Today’s coaches have expertise, credentials and track records across business disciplines to enable small business owners to grow and start-ups to attain a solid foundation with which to grow. They engage virtually and in person through Latin Biz Today’s multi-platform to both capture and deliver information to formulate today’s strategies.

Delivering Mindshare

Latin Business Today’s Coaches have created an extensive content resource of over 3,000 deliverables which include articles, small business case studies, webinars, videos and podcasts. Supplementing this online resource is the added engagement by Coaches at Latin Biz Today events, seminars and workshops.

Latin Business Today publishes content on business disciplines including: marketing, law & finance, human resources, management and innovation. In addition business we cover lifestyles:  Latino culture covering food, fashion, music and sports from the perspective of what business lessons we can  learn from entrepreneurs  operating in these fields.

Small Business with a Latino Nuance

 Ongoingspotlights on Latino small business owners, inspirational Latinos, Latino Culture (including Eddie Palmieri, Bobby Sanabria and others) and Latino trends. Latin Biz Today celebrates Latinos through a rare highly relatable nuanced multi-media platform covering:

  • Latino small business owners
  • Inspirational Latinos
  • Latino trends
  • Latino work, life and culture

We are committed to providing access to trusted coaches, information and resources to address today’s challenges and opportunities of enterprising Latino, small business owners regardless of his or her field. First and foremost, however, Latin Business Today is a forum for the exchange of ideas, and for collaboration. Small business owners will gain perspective and insight through dialog with one another, as well as from our rich editorial offerings. The latter will include comprehensive coverage across a broad range of relevant subject areas, in addition to coverage of innovators and achievers.

It All Started with “Coach”

Our emphasis on “Coaching Your Success” and empowerment was inspired by the life work of Les “Coach” Fernandez, founder and executive director of EduCage, a ground-breaking alternative educational program for at-risk youth established in Westchester County, New York, in the 1960s. Coach’s legacy of practical knowledge and solutions is core to Latin Business Today’s four pillars to Inform, Inspire, Mentor, and Empower business owners and other Latino professionals in the 21st century. Our goals are to provide compelling and balanced solutions that addresses the everyday and future concerns of today’s small business owners. We partner with knowledgeable Coaches who share our vision for the community – one that is thriving and providing innovation to the world. Latin Business Today is continuing to evolve with the marketplace and the small business owners who depend on us. Thank you for your support and encourage you to provide regular feedback.

The Latin Biz Today Partner & Leadership Team

Andrés Bramson

Digital Strategist, User Experience Specialist
Andrés has worked on prestigious projects for more than 20 years in Branding, Publishing, Interactive and Multichannel Marketing Projects in Spanish, Portuguese and English for different countries. His experience includes working for both private and multinational companies.

Claudia Gioia

Chief Marketing Officer
Claudia founded Wenbrands Consulting, also lead multi-market teams and client work for companies such as Ford, Intel, HP, Nestle, Unilever, Danone, Sony, Accenture, Goodyear, HBO and FedEx among others. Claudia is an Argentinian-American.

Robert Goodman

Legal Counsel & Legal Editor
Robert serves as Latin Business Today Legal Counsel and Legal Editor for International and Domestic Commercial Law. Robert also provides general counsel services to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.

Richie Fernandez

Legacy Brand Leader
Richie, son of Dr. Les “Coach” Fernandez, served as an instructor at “EduCage” charter school where is father Les was founder/executive director. Richie then spent the next 20 years as a White Plains, N.Y. police officer, president of the White Plains PBA and a Detective 2nd grade. He currently runs a construction business. Richie is a Spanish-American.

Elias Mendoza

Strategy Lead, Corporate Board Member
Elias Mendoza is Partner & Chief Operating Officer at Siris Capital Group, LLC. In addition to COO, Elias’ responsibilities at Siris include identifying and evaluating trends within existing and potential industry verticals for investment opportunities, and assisting our Executive Partners in evaluating underlying business strategies of targeted companies and existing portfolio companies. Elias is a Mexican-American.

Barry Mittelman

Barry previously worked in publishing as well as positions in communications, competitive marketing, and sales leadership at IBM, Prodigy, CMP, Cox Interactive, PGA of America, and Deloitte.

Tara Orchard

Director of Strategy and Planning
Tara is a coach, trainer, consultant and writer who applies her insights into people. She has a Masters degree in psychology to facilitate performance improvements, relationships and communication for people and businesses.

Santiago Torregrosa

Digital Strategist, Web Lead
Santiago brings a of depth of experience in as a digital strategist, SEO expert. He has honed his skills and knowledge working with companies in the U.S. and internationally. Santiago is also Partner & New Business Director at Punto Rojo. Santiago is an Argentinian- American.

Tina Trevino

Director of Community Relations
Tina is also the President of Tocaya brand clothing line, formerly Senior Design Director of KBL Group Intl. Ltd. in NYC, managing the large creative design team. As an industry veteran , her capabilities go beyond style to include sourcing, fitting, production and merchandising. Tina is a Mexican-American.

Fernando Valenzuela

Ed Tech, Corporate Board Member
Fernando is currently head of Aspen Institute education program in Mexico and Partner at Global Impact Edtech Alliance. He was formerly President McGraw-Hill Education, Latin America. He is a recognized senior executive, entrepreneur, speaker and board level leader with international background. He has founded and led successful enterprises in Latin America for over 25 years. Fernando hails from Mexico City.


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