A Social Media Guide for Finance





Invest Time in Social Media


A study conducted by Marco Nappolini from MindfulMoney in 2011 points out financial advisors should seek the expert knowledge of new influential voices from the social Web. The voices of the social Web are taking a stronger influence on the Internet age. An example is the financial blog, , which the study ranked as the most influential blog. It was visited by more than 168,000 visitors in April 2012,according to Quantcast data.

While you may agree or disagree with the views expressed in these blogs, the point is that you need to head where the conversations are and that is where they are taking place. Trust is migrating from established financial news outlets to alternative sources. Hence, the interest of the CFA in taking the lead in guiding established institutions into the blogosphere and social media.





The Fine Print


Both social media platforms are great ways to engage with your audience. Even the CFA has its own Facebook page. Still, you should be aware of several restrictions before jumping into to them. A critical start is to establish a clear social media policy and clearly disclose it on your main online presence and social media channels, if possible. Another important disclosure is to direct people to a phone number or physical location when discussing personal financial matters and investment advices. Make sure to keep up to date on the CFA’s policies on social media.

Understand that it is your duty to remain vigilant and knowledgeable in the evolving nature of rules and regulations in social media. If you are able to go through the growing pains of this technology, you will have an edge over other financial advisors that decided to quit when the going got though.

Damian Davila
Damian Davila
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