A Real-time Cloud Virtual Office Migration


5.  The MSP cloud domain:

The MSP cloud domain is a cost I have to bear to get set up as a reseller for the vendor, so I can manage the virtual infrastructure for the client. Each client requires a separate cloud domain. So I will have to pass that cost through to the client.

So does the migration to the Cloud make economic sense? 

Indeed, it does.

With costs and margin included, the client will pay $1,500/month. They will save $5,500 – $1,500 = $4,000/month.

My client has requested we secure at least one other quote before we sign on with a vendor, but for a no-commitment testing period.

Other benefits:

The client reaps other benefits beyond cost savings. Their considering relocating and a virtual office setup allows him, and his staff, to work seamlessly from any location. Additionally, provide primary support for field agents over the phone, so their business model fits working virtually.

Again, this client migration is happening in real-time.

While we have we addressed the server and PCs, we haven’t finalized the option for the client’s telecom needs. At present they currently have their own corporate phone system. We just a conversation about replacing it with a hybrid hosted PBX and new VoIP phones. This is a topic for my next article about this client’s migration to the Cloud.

Stay tuned!

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