A Quarter of a Century of Deal Making Lessons – An Investment Banker’s Perspective



4.  Vision Matters – “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision”, Helen Keller

Successful transactions are the result of selling a vision. Successful entrepreneurs have an intuitive and contagious belief that their company is special. Often they believe they have a higher purpose then simply building a company.

It is vital for an entrepreneur to not only have a vision but also to be able to sell that vision. Without vision entrepreneurs are simply selling trailing 12-month earnings. The ability to articulate future potential and a path to capital appreciation is vital. The most successful transactions result when the buyer becomes convinced that the business owner’s vision is achievable.

When selling your business translate your vision into future financial results to obtain a premium valuation.

5.  Passion – “It’s so hard that if you don’t have a passion, you’ll give up.” Steve Jobs / “Passion is the genesis of genius.” Tony Robbins

If there is one trait that separates entrepreneurs from mere mortals it’s passion. Passion is a prerequisite to being an effective leader. Entrepreneurs with passion have the ability to keep their eyes fixed on the mission, even when dealing with the daily distractions, hurdles and frustrations of running a business. They inspire everyone around them, including shareholders, customers, employees and vendors. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their team doesn’t get easily sidetracked. A buyer who shares an entrepreneur’s passion is a buyer who “gets it” and usually is willing to pay a premium.

Take the time to talk and listen to your M&A transaction team to confirm they understand and can articulate your passion and confidence.

In the upcoming parts of this series I will share 6 more lessons I have learned about the factors that contribute to successful business deal making.

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Michael Carter is the founding principal of Carter Morse & Mathias. CMM is an investment banking firm dedicated to working with entrepreneurial companies advising them on M&A and capital raising projects.  CMM’s clients are outstanding privately held companies with valuations typically between $10 and $100 million.  Michael has been on the financial side of business from many perspectives: as a business founder, commercial lender, investment banker, board director, and business advisor.   As a seasoned investment banker, he has advised on over 100 M&A and financing transactions.  Michael has been a board director for several companies and non-for-profits such as Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Association for Corporate Growth, Connecticut Chapter and Weston Little League and Weston Sports Commission  Website