A Musical Adventure to Celebrate Dia de la Tierra

Celebrating Earth Day with Anne Phillips and Chembo Corniel

In celebration of our gorgeous planet and honoring its beauty,  here’s a wonderful musical adventure for you! “What are We Doing to our World”, a musical performance composed & arranged by renowned composer and musician Anne Phillips is a beautiful way to enjoy music and celebrate Earth Day! The event will be held on Earth Day , Saturday, April 22 at 8PM EST at St. Paul and St. Andrew UMC, 86th and West End Ave. NYC.

A Special Invitation to Celebrate Earth Day with Anne Phillps’ New Musical, “What Are We Doing to Our World

The musical also brings to light the growing concerns we have about the damage we are doing to this lovely blue and green rock that we call home,”What are We Doing to our World” is a one hour show combining music, dance and words of great thinkers performed by a diverse group of singers/actors/dancers/musicians and one child. It is told through diverse genres of music including Gospel, Jazz, Latin and Choral.

Beginning with Creation up to our “civilization” the show musically incorporates works of such writers as Mark Twain, John Muir, Chief Seattle and Madeleine L’Engle. The piece is woven together into a performance that will leave you with a joyful appreciation of Creation combined with a determination to personally DO something to live a more sustainable, earth- connected life.

Anne Phillips treating us to a bit of her music for the event.

Anne Phillips, creator of the annual Christmas celebration “Bending Towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity” is also the creator behind this Earth Day musical. Beth Ann Kennedy is the director of the show.

Anne drew inspiration for her show from famous poetry as well as quotes about our world such as, “All nature is at the disposal of humankind. We are to work with it for without it, we cannot survive” – Hildegard of Bingen 1098.

Band members include  Virginia Mayhew – saxophone, Scott Neuman – drums, Mary Ann McSweeney – bass Adam Asarnow – piano, Ron Afiff – guitar and Grammy Award Nominee, Percussionist Wilson Chembo Corniel on conga adding his own percussive color to this show!

Cast members include Liliane Klein, Robert Encila, Zoe Whittaker, Maya Encila, Frank Basile, Melrose Johnson, Grasshopper Mitch, and  Charles D. Carter

Latin Biz Today’s VP and Partner, Tina Trevino spent an afternoon in Anne Phillips’ NYC eclectic & artsy apartment filled with music memorabilia showcasing her life long contributions to the music world to interview her and Grammy nominated musician Wilson “Chembo” Corniel. Trevino says “It was an intimate afternoon with 2 legendary people of the music industry sharing their stories about how they got started and their passion for continuing to create incredible music. We also talked about their newest project together that was inspired by poetry and percussive sound, What Are We Doing to Our World an event that is a celebration of creation and a statement of concern for the planet which will be performed on Earth Day, Sat. April 22 @ 8PM and Chembo’s latest CD Artista’s, Musicos y Poetas (hopefully up for a Grammy – crossing my fingers)”.


Chembo Corniel’s newest collection of music, titled “Artistas, Musicos y Poetas”.

Check out a bit of our fun afternoon right here…


You can get purchase tickets for the Earth Day event right here….


Photography courtesy of: Ivy Dash Photography (ivydashphotography.com)

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