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In a highly stressful business world, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about the importance of relaxing and recharging as a tactic to improve business performance. But when the realization of work burnout creeps in and we decide it’s time to unwind, the focus is usually on personal ways to relax, completely away from the business setting. Naturally, we think of taking a vacation with friends or family (with the e-mail inbox begrudgingly ignored) or relaxing with a hobby that has nothing to do with work.

But taking business completely out of the vacation isn’t the only way. It’s important to consider how planning a meeting or event at a place of relaxation can benefit your business by promoting health and wellness, encouraging teamwork and new connections, and fostering productivity and inspiration in your employees, clients and business partners who attend.



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Health and Wellness

A healthy employee is a good employee. And the same goes for your clients and business partners.

While you can’t control somebody else’s health, you can do your part to introduce healthful living to your meeting and event attendees by choosing a location that focuses on healthy eating, exercise and activities that promote mental and spiritual health. They might just come away with a new or renewed interest in healthy living. Watch as these positive effects spread from their health to the health of your business.



Teamwork and New Connections

We’ve all heard of or have done team-building exercises that weren’t exactly … enjoyable. But what if your attendees could actually have fun while at the same time using teamwork and meeting new people?

That’s very possible if you host your meeting or event at a place that offers team sports and other activities that get people out of their shells and have them work as a team for a common goal while meeting new people and having fun. The healthy competition and relationships formed through a friendly sports game or another activity will have a lasting positive impact on your company as your employees, clients and business partners come back to work knowing one another on a deeper, more personal level; with a renewed energy and spirit; and with great memories made with one another.


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