A Latina’s Positive Mindset & Positive Lifestyle Become a Business
Annie Vazquez

Many times, entrepreneurship means trusting your intuition.

Today we interview self-made entrepreneur and full-time expert, Annie Vazquez, on doing just that. She’s the owner of TheFashionPoet.com and Annie The Alchemist, two brands that have strong messages of clean beauty, body positivity, and holistic health. Here’s how she quit her day job and took a leap of faith.

Annie Vasquez, Founder & CEO of The Fashion Poet & Annie the Alchemist


If you had to describe your businesses in five words, what would they be?

Wellness From the Inside Out.

Where did the ideas for your businesses come from?

 The Fashion Poet combines two of my loves, and Annie The Alchemist is inspired by the definition of alchemy.

What makes your work unique?

I am one of the few 45-year-old women in Miami who is talking about clean beauty and body positivity, while at the same time raising consciousness through my community meditations. They are broadcasted globally! I also have my own wellness shop.

How did your roots influence your career path?

I’ve always loved writing. The common thread in my work is writing, whether it is to educate or motivate or inspire. I was a former journalist, then I launched my blog. I wanted to do more so I launched my online shop.

Annie the Alchemist’s Self Love Cards

What would you say was the most important obstacle/challenge you had to overcome in getting to where you are today?

The biggest challenge was to quit my full-time job and go after my goal of being a full-time blogger and store owner. I had to work multiple free-lance jobs until it took off.

What about aprendizajes? What is the most important thing you’ve learned along the way?

Anything is possible. Everything we want manifests as long we have faith in it.

If you had to give our readers financial advice for their businesses and/or start-ups, what would it be?

I didn’t have any funding. I quit my cushiony full-time job (which I probably would’ve stayed in) and I followed my gut. I had to work several freelance jobs to maintain myself until the blog took off. Everyone’s journey is different and the only thing I can say is write down what you want, be clear, and take action towards it. When you want to leap, jump. The universe always catches you.

Would you have done anything differently?

I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Most successful people are surrounded those who inspire or help them reach their greatest potential. Who was that for you?

My parents. There was a moment when business wasn’t good. I was embarrassed and I remember I needed someone to talk to and their advice was, “That is how business is. You keep going or you start something else and eventually you’ll hit it. It’s not a smooth road.”

How do you balance your professional and personal life?

I maintain a 9-to-5 schedule. Before, I was working all the time and wouldn’t take breaks. It burned me out. Now I make sure to take 2 days off, spend quality time with friends and family, and get some me time. When we recharge, we excel.

Positive Mindset, Positive Lifestyle.

What does being a Latino business owner in the U.S mean to you? What would you say to other Latinos/as who might want to start a business?

 If you have a dream to own a business, follow it. There are never regrets when we follow our heart, and anything is possible.

 How has the Latino community helped you? How have you helped the Latin community?

My first store buyers were both Latinas. They believed in my brand. I have an incredible community of Latinas who support me.

Where do you see your businesses in 10 years? And yourself?

 My goal is to continue creating products that help people stay motivated and inspired to follow their goals and dreams and believe in themselves. I see myself happily creating.

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