A Data Analytics Round Up…Keys to the Latest Insights

6 original articles by data analytics experts to bring small business owners up to speed.




Indiana Jones of the 22nd Century: Data, Not Dirt…

Top 5 archaeological findings of 2016 can be aligned with our data findings today.

Digging into data allows us to find and extend our knowledge of our customers and of how they interact with us, our competitors, each other…



Building a Culture of Research – Part 2 (Learn, Baby, Learn)

Building a small business culture of research can be very rewarding.

As you become more aware of the value of research through keeping track of your inventory, your sales, comments from your customers and employees, etc., you will find yourself wanting more…



Why It’s Important to Build Consumer Research Into Your Small Business Strategy

Gleaning consumer feedback and competitive information to track results and grow your small business.

Eventually, you may be able to hire some professionals to help you with your marketing analytics.  And if you have older data to share with them, that will allow them to do an even better job for you… 



5 Things to Know About Data As You Grow Your Small Business

Paying attention to your customer data is key to keeping your small business growing.

Customers are represented in your business by the data that they generate in their transactions with you.  So, paying attention to your customer data is key to keeping your business growing…



B2B Data-driven Marketing: What Is It and Why Is It a Challenge?

Data – whether big or small – is the hottest topic in business today.

Marketing database, the recorded memory of your relationship with your customers. It tells you not only what they bought, but when and how…




Is 2017 the Year of Being Data-Driven? 7 Areas To Watch

Next Year Looms as a Challenge for Data Managers

Next year will see most of these predictions become reality, but they will all happen against a rapidly changing technology and business environment.  Get used to moving fast!  Your challenge awaits you!




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