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Guerrilla Marketing On The Web

Mario Roberto uses the Web as his preferred marketing tool. Here are his tips for Web marketing success:

  • Have a readily accessible online Web site. Roberto built his in three stages, using standard formats that ranked high in search engine results. His first site was a basic home page with pictures and information. Next, he added an interactive forum so that existing and prospective students could network. The current web page (http://mrjja.com/) features videos, an online store and an interactive forum. He also added a business Facebook page and a Twitter account.
  • Roberto regularly comments on other popular MMA/BJJ Web pages, message boards and forums. It adds visibility to his business, and gives him an opportunity to link back to his Web site.
  • He monitors search engine results for references to his name or business, to guard against inaccurate information and protect his online reputation.
  • A good relationship with local sports writers who are MMA fans leads to newspaper coverage when his gym participates in BJJ tournaments or has fighters competing in events.

Today, Roberto has a thriving business, the Mario Roberto Jiu-Jitsu Academy, with a steady stream of students in Rochester and at affiliated locations in Pennsylvania and Indiana. It took common sense combined with a savvy understanding of what motivates a person to pursue martial arts training.

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